(Track #3 from Folking Up and Finding Out: Part 5(EP))


Out in the open sun
that's how the west was won
but I doubt that the hunger was fun
and I'd probably been shot by a gun

Yeah, I know you've got one now
already said my wow
'Wow, the next thing you need is a spouse'
'or a yard to protect from a house'

I hope we don't mind
living in the future

Don't look into our beards
self-medication's weird
when it's done 'til it comes out your ears
where it's better when nothing is clear

these motor skills aren't mine
they're taking too much time
and the feeling is hard to define
I can't tell if it's real or sublime

I hope we don't mind
living in the future

We should've figured it out by now
Instead, we're still stuck in the towns


from FOLKING UP and FINDING OUT: The 52 Song Year, track released October 14, 2011



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Kevin Hirth Houston, Texas

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