Time Eyes Blind (EP)

by Kevin Hirth

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Written and recorded by Kevin Hirth and Bernie Presido


released October 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Hirth Houston, Texas

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Track Name: $ICK
he dont say hello
tries to act like we dont know him
but hes been on the screens
someone is missing something

new and cool if we believe it
yeah youre alright but I'm scared
you could be the real Devil
with a slave trade and a debt pyramid
under your wings where they should stay
here in my own head

playing cards with God
this guys gunning for the big vig
cravings lightning rod
there's a guy who knows what he wants

I love suits and I love limos
and Id love to take either one
right into apocalypse
where we came from
where we all know
we can go back in a flash
here in our own heads

dont slip youre in public
and you promised no nonsense
but you never were the real thing
youre just someone elses fence
Track Name: Shadows Men
flashing money
flashing money
flashing money
damn thats so much money

yeah these new young turks
yeah these new young bucks
these flesh money machines
they get it going and they get right to work
poisoning everything

flashing money
flashing money
flashing money
damn thats so much money

they come from Hades
they come from Mordor
they keep in touch with the Borg
flashing their symbols at kaleidoscope eyes
leading the rats to the drain
Track Name: Videoslap!
when the outside world is a mushroom cloud
and my existence has become a bind
I take a little trek across my living room
like a traveller on the edge of time
I warm myself in the glow of the video screen
where its safe and comfy and as loud as I want
and no one can get to me

thumb so sore from clicking that button
and I havent felt my feet in weeks
now theres a man up there telling me to care
says hes the prophet of the poor and the meek
says hes going out and winding up
every angry motherfucker he can
leading loud parades down broken streets
and claiming hes the motherfucking man
flashing bank accounts and expensive suits
and claiming hes the only game in town
but he dont have enough and he never will
so hes gonna have to double down
I say baby you can buy every one of my channels
so youre the only one I see
but the second you hit me with your videoslap
thats the last youre gonna hear from me