The REAL Paul Semon

by Paul Semon




released August 14, 2014

Paul Semon



all rights reserved


Kevin Hirth Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Les Dreams
We had good dreams all the time
then les good dreams turned into slime
it got too tough to rewind
oh, those dreams that weren't mine

Back here again
that's some pretense
so what, some things never bend
go forth and become them

Les dreams aren't like human beings
no they're wild, otherworldly things
someone's got one that really stings
and it won't stop until he sings

Under the mask
there's a new mask
so what, there's not so much time
go on and get in line
Track Name: I Been Known
I've been absorbed listening to everybody else
I've been a moron listening to thoughts inside myself
listening to everybody else
listening to thoughts inside myself

Moving, magic, scattered throne
tragic, backwards, and monotone
perfect, special: the righteous bones
cultured, tailored to know unknown
you know that I been known
you know I said I been known
Track Name: You Don't Cry
Like the shadows hid in broken windows
I can take my time but I won't know I did
there's this sense of doom that I have and it always stinks of freedom
just get me out of here but don't try
we've been living in this moment
it's fun//it's cool//we've been here since high-school

Telling lies with your eyes like you don't cry, I don't think so!
I am the luckless streak that you don't know you'll have
you can spread your fingers to reach them but they just eat love
they're just the sadness streaks in their cheekbones
vapid darkness spread so rapid
it's fun//it's cool//now it's just the new rules

Wait 'til the money runs out now
it's mine, all mine, I took it in my time
wait 'til the money runs out now
Hey big man, whoa man! I can't stop my moanin'
wait 'til the money runs out now
and it's all mine, all mine, I took it in my time
wait 'til the money runs out now