Folking Up and Finding Out, Part 6

by Kevin Hirth



The last EP of Folking Up and Finding Out


released November 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Kevin Hirth Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Dario Argento 1940
I don't wanna talk no more
I just wanna make it home alive
I don't wanna talk no more
I just wanna make it home tonight
Track Name: Scott Walker 1943
You found a secret
when you took it slow
when you laid down low
to come into our own

Between the answers
that we'll never know
we melt into the flow
of the nature show

yes, the nature show
Track Name: Jon Anderson 1944
What's the mystic night
without mystic days
what keeps my feet on the ground
and what pays
Track Name: Rainer Fassbinder 1945
It's too easy
to hurt you
that's why I do
that's why I do

Nevermind what I did
Track Name: Frank Zappa 1940
Franking the Zappa
Track Name: Iggy Pop 1947
the words will get out
when the nights get back in
new scratches in your arm
old demons in the wind

rollin' on wheels of fire
Track Name: John Carpenter 1948
Its not the other side
if its the place to be
unreal and all anti
versions of you and me
and if they are so wrong
why are we being them
Track Name: Jackson Browne 1948
I wish some times
and some more times
wouldn't just race by
out of my mind
when they're on their own
they never want
to come back home

they move on
confidence was in their bones

you know you're right
what do I know