Family of Trees

by Kevin Hirth

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Kent Kincannon
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Kent Kincannon This track is Sci-Fi Houston butt genius. Favorite track: Beings Absurd.


when you work in progress, things will change


released May 2, 2015



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Kevin Hirth Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Beings Absurd
aim low, because your bar will only get higher
and you know it all ends up in the fire at home
new paths for old maps, we've seen them before
in slow-mo, held in a hollow state at the window

exploit until the supernovas are old points
your new masks mixing in until we have new pasts
impermanent times, yours pass you by just like mine
in a shallow, steady stream of states at the window

Just a little
Just a little
pay just a little more
and we can be cool again

masters, and the master-blasters they handle
dope shows, we saw them all on history channels at home
we know 'cause we watch
we're sick of being the hands on their gold clocks!
but that's a no-go, that's the other side of the window
Track Name: Out of the Past
out in the open sun
that's how the west was won
but I doubt that the hunger was fun
and I'd probably been shot by a gun

yeah, I know you've got one now
already said my "wow"
wow, the next thing you need is a spouse
or a yard to protect from your house

I hope we don't mind living in the future...

don't look into hearts here
self-medication's weird
when it's done 'til it comes out your ears
where it's better when nothing is clear

are these motor skills still mine?
they're taking too much time
and the feeling is hard to define
I can't tell if it's real or sublime

I hope we don't mind living in the future...
Track Name: Sell Out
giving up hands as it demands
dancing in circles on airwaves
scream at the walls scream at the walls
until they all fall on me
I saw an ad, it made me mad
so I broke two chairs and two lamps
major mistakes have what we take
flashing electric in plastic

listen, I can't be bought alone
no sir, we can't be bought alone
how bout you, sir? Can you be bought alone?
no sir, you can't be bought alone

the more things change they stay the same
how much will it take to show you?
El in our brains, in everything
how much will it take to show you?
someone was dumb, he grabbed a gun
so we could all say "told you"
we took the bait, spread our own hate
until it all falls on you

listen, we can't be bought alone
no sir, we can't be bought alone
you sir, can you be bought alone!
no sir! we can't be bought alone!

we need to be loved
Track Name: Mammalien
take my mind, I won't mind
but I'm a boring example
I won't care I'll just wear
another type of face
when I get bored with my own one more mask...
bored with my own one more mask...

all the time I try to make myself
folk up, find out, and hit the shelf
where I sit in the shadows of the other self
where I won't know until I'm someone else
Track Name: Civilization
civilization is a beautiful thing
all the causes it brings
all the causes it brings...

mommy, can you hear me?