After Egypt

by Kevin Hirth

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released January 9, 2016



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Kevin Hirth Houston, Texas

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Track Name: After Egypt
When in Rome, we take our medicine
in case we never make it back again
and our downward spirals are as old as the book
there's no saving marks if they been took

stumbling down the halls of the life hotel
drinking witches brew and falling under spells
and when I find my door I been locked out
and on cue I scream and cry and shout
and it's quite a sight without a doubt
so why the shock when what's in comes out

Building pyramids, we've forgotten how to die
pharaoh cracks the whip, never asks why

After Egypt, we go back home
to our familiar corners of the unknown
and when we get there we'll scream paradise
where if you've left once you've left twice
where the same old shit's a better price
where there's nothing special about your dark side
Track Name: Oh Lord
Oh lord, what a mess this month is
so bad I've resigned to your
tornado of sorrow

what'd you do//we know what you did
whatever let's get on with it
after all//you were onto me
you knew I'd fake a fall for you

Easy now
there's something new about your whip
did you put blades in that thing or what?

what'd you do//we know what you did
whatever, let's get on with it
after all//you were onto us
you knew we'd fake a fall for you

masters of our paths, built we build to barely last
yeah, we're every new created future's past
whatever way we go, we'll put on a crazy show
may the future see the truth and finally know

we did it.
Track Name: Therapy
Further on, my son, you'll open up your mind
let it all hang out//and see what tries to bite
you'll spend your time looking everywhere
but here

Friendship reigns and enemies abide
pain gets tied to time//and you control
your own supply scattered everywhere

underneath the mask of shame
is the roughest place to be
so leave...

there, in the mountains,
there, in the trees,
there, in the oceans,
Track Name: There Is
In these still-lifes of moments
there is some running current theme
and woe is the boy who stops at the stream
who steps back onto the shoreline

we can pick it up
you know we can always pick it up
you know by now we're good for it
we'll omit change

There is some hidden meanings
in these generations of copied life
and after a while parents refuse to see
that stream, their spirit credit card

we can pick it up
you know we can always pick it up
you know by now we're good for it
we'll omit change
we'll emit change
we'll omit change
Track Name: This Void
Sometimes someone will wish they're somebody else
I'd like more money but I'm stuck with myself
I have visions when I look through these eyes
like some device recording nature's disguise

and organic, yeah, that's why I cost more!

You're thinking hell of everybody in sight
making us arguments that die on your side
and then you say it's for Mohammad or Christ
and I say they're us and watching you through my eyes

oh, these habits, will they really break us?

You'd love to close your eyes forever
sink into this void together
you'd love to close your eyes forever
but that's all in good time
Track Name: Back Home
Back home they ask the dumbest questions
then they say 'leave us alone'
Unknown, they've got their own suggestions
yeah they say 'leave us alone'

you must want money 'cause everyone here wants money